List of Passport documents required to get a New Passport

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Are you willing to get your own Passport for the first time? Well, if you are new then you have to undergo several procedures by means of which your Passport will be validated. You can either go to the Official Government Regional Passport Office or you can simply follow the short guide!

Documents are an important know your passport status for issuing your passport. So the more you can actually generate your documents, the better it is for the officials to verify and then get it issued! So what you need to do is to simply have a look at the requirements and then us it!


  1. Address Proof:

To get the address proof, you need some papers which dignify your correct address and then use it for your needs. Well here are some of the major proofs of address which you can utilize!

  1. Applicant’s ration card
  2. Applicant’s election card
  3. Applicant’s electricity/telephone bill
  1. Proof of Date of Birth

Validity of age is another important part for everyone who wishes to issue a passport. Here you may need a Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority to verify your age proof!

  1. Citizenship Document

You need to undertake a Citizenship Document which would be attested by any government officer to verify that you are a resident of the country. In order to do this, you may take the help of councilor to get your documents!

  1. Identity:

The last but not the least thing that you need to do is to keep up a valid identity certificate. For people above 18, documents such as Aadhaar Card and the Electorial Card are a legal document. For other minors, the School identity card may be prevalent as a legal document.


Application for Renewal:

For all the people applying for Renewal of know your passport status should present his old passport along with any statements of new address (if any). However the documents shall be presented as stated as above!

However you must remember one thing that if the Passport documents are not provided correctly then further notice to the application will not be entertained! So you must be aware of giving everything correctly!

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