People Analytics & HR: LMS, Work Performance and More

Welcome to Recent Technologies website, and we were discussed in a previous post specifically about the use of psychometric tests and other tests for an organization’s selection of employees. That is guide people to there are two main reasons to use tests: first, to gauge potential employee’s abilities; second, to measure performance and determine promotions and pay increases. And today we will discuss people analytics & hr: LMS, work performance and more.

HR is now becoming a discipline in which intuition and data are combined to get a better decision-making process. With the advance of analytics in every decision-making process in a business, people analytics is on the rise. What now needs to be addressed in this is how far should it be exploited and what false ideas should be avoided.

LMS Integration & Comprehensive Reports

Before going into the know-hows of people analytics, the first thing one should be doing is to know what you are getting into and how can it help you. The best way to assess your employees is to create an LMS environment that encourages to learn and that can provide comprehensive reports or every employee enrolled in the LMS.

This analytic merged with the behavior analytics by the metrics decided by you gives you an accurate insight into individual and company growth.

Dealing with The Accuracy of Reports

An algorithm made to predict human efficiency and performance can never predict it with 100% accuracy. Whenever analysing the reports, you should keep this in mind to address the human intelligence aspect of your job.

If the algorithms aren’t that accurate then why use them at all? Here’s a fun fact for you. Even with an accuracy of 40%, algorithms are better at predicting and gauging the performance of candidates. To make it further accurate depends on your input data and the desired output graphs that you want to see.

Reading the Data and Correlation

Drawing a cause-and-effect relationship with your data and the analytical skills is the most efficient way to utilize your people analytics framework. To start that correlation, form the early stage itself, start building your people analytics dashboard with the main research question in mind.

Deciding the Metrics of Analysis

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Let’s clear your confusion related to reporting and analytics, and thus addressing the decision-making step of deciding the metrics for your analytics. Reporting focuses on gathering the data and displaying it as graphics, but there is no causation theorem applied on it. On the other hand, analytics involves modelling the data and predicting the outcome to make that a desirable outcome by changing some parameters beforehand.

While focusing on the analytics algorithm building, you need to take those important metrics in mind.

Finally, Getting Started with People Analytics

Starting with people analytics and algorithm building may have sounded like a programmers’ job, but it is a task for HR. People analytics just makes the complex though process and learnings of HR, a simple algorithm which is flexible to be altered. Isn’t it great?

Then start working with a small set of data and develop your algorithms and comprehensive reports now!