How to Make the Most of the Winter Months with Reindeer Pajamas

You’ll never get a snow day in December — but that doesn’t mean you have to give up sleep and warm your body up in winter-themed clothing. This year, bring some cheer to the chilly months with these festive reindeer pajamas! We found the perfect Christmas-y patterns, and we’re obsessed with the cozy fur details.

  1. Keep warm with reindeer pajamas

Why is the reindeer pajama so popular? This isn’t a question about what you can buy for Christmas (though that’s certainly a good place to start!). It’s really about what you want to achieve. Reindeer footed pajamas are great because they make you feel cozy. But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and Google the term. You’ll see that it’s been used by psychologists and marketers for decades. Reindeer pajamas work because the name implies warmth, comfort, and security. You get the idea.

  1. Wear winter pajamas instead of dressing

Instead of wearing a business suit to work, wear your pajamas. Research shows that people who wear casual clothing tend to feel happier and more productive than those who dress up. In addition to boosting productivity, the research suggests that dressing casually improves your mood. When you walk into the office and see a colleague in sweats or shorts, it makes you smile. The same goes for your own outfit: Instead of putting on a suit to go to the grocery store, wear something comfortable.

  1. Make yourself a reindeer slipper

It seems like a Christmas miracle! But the key is to keep your foot warm. Reindeer socks are not a one-time investment and the more comfortable you make your feet, the longer you’ll be willing to wear them. To make these socks, use two socks and sew them together, then add a strip of fleece for insulation. Try adding an extra layer of insulation, like a heavy knit sweater.

  1. Enjoy the snowfall with some hot cocoa

Hot cocoa, which is a combination of chocolate and milk, is a wonderful beverage that pairs well with winter. It’s also an easy and quick recipe to whip up with ingredients you already have on hand. All you need are marshmallows and a microwave.

  1. Warm your feet with a good pair of socks

To make sure your feet stay warm, wear socks that cover your toes and ankles. Choose socks that are thick and keep moisture away. You should also put socks on if you plan on sitting down after standing up, as your feet need a chance to recover.


Reindeer pajamas are an affordable way to decorate for Christmas. Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but they make a great decoration in their own right. I love how the reindeer are smiling and how they are wearing Christmas hats and carrying Christmas trees in their antlers. Also, reindeer pajamas are a lot less messy than real Santa Claus and his sack of presents.